Yellow Chair Portraits, Amazing Women project

Yellow Chair Portraits: Amazing Women exhibition has launched in the Candie Museum of Guernsey, celebrating the role of leading women in the community and recognising their contribution.

Our own co-founder and COO, Sasha Kazantseva-Miller has been featured in the series among other inspiring women including Dame Mary Perkins, Sarah Griffiths MBE,  Revd Linda Le Vasseur and Catherine Best.

The exhibition is the brainchild of Olympia McEwan, a local portrait artist and teacher at the College of Further Education. She is passionate about projects with a wider purpose and the Yellow Chair Portrait series is a way to inspire others through the role models that have contributed to the Guernsey society.

“Highlighting the achievements of people and their contribution to a better society is not only inspirational for my work as an artist but also to me personally”, says Olympia. “I have been deeply inspired by the stories of the women who sat for me and I feel I have grown as a person since the project began”.

Sasha has taken an active in the Guernsey community since moving here six years ago. She joined the Guernsey Enterprise Agency as a board member in 2013, helping it rebrand to Startup Guernsey; co-founded Beer Code Design, the 1st meetup for local creative, techies and entrepreneurs, which merged with Nerd Nights in 2015 to form Lightbulb; was a Committee member of Creative Industries Guernsey; helped the early development of the Digital Greenhouse project through strategic engagement with Ministry of Commerce and Employment and most recently joined the Chamber of Commerce Council and has helped to establish the innovation sub-group.

In January 2015, she led the Afaafa acquisition of, which she rebranded into and helped build it into a loved local brand and a digital marketing platform supporting local businesses. Islandmums is an important voice with mums and parents in the community, regularly appearing on local media including BBC Guernsey and Guernsey Press and is actively supporting a wide array of charities such as the GSPCA, The Guernsey Literary Festival, Home Start Guernsey, Guernsey Health Show and many others as a media partner and promoter of events through its free What’s On guides.

Sasha has been an active champion for entrepreneurship and a leading role in the local startup ecosystem especially for women entrepreneurs. She has run a wide variety of entrepreneurship courses and hackathons and has delivered many talks on innovation and entrepreneurship, including for IoD, Chamber of Commerce, Women Development Forum, Startup Guernsey, Sure and the Digital Greenhouse.

Islandmums is further supporting the Yellow Chair Portraits series by sponsoring the free public attendance to the Candie Museum on March 8th, International Women’s Day, which will feature inspirational talks by some of the series sitters.

About Yellow Chair Portraits exhibition

The exhibition will run until March 11th at Candie Museum, open from 10am-4pm.

The exhibition contains portraits of: Anita Davies, Valerie Winn, Dame Mary Perkins, Sarah Griffiths MBE, Karen Blanchford, The Revd Linda Le Vasseur, Teresa O’Hara, Jean Owen, Janet Wakefield, Connie Armstrong, Dr Susan Wilson MBE, Catherine Best, Anna Smith, Sasha Kazantseva-Miller and the artist herself – Olympia McEwan.

Posted on January 31, 2018

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