• Vision-board: the emotional business plan

    Posted in March 2018 on Mar 06, 2018

    I recently run a workshop where I chose to teach a slightly more alternative tool called vision boarding.

    I discovered vision-boarding a couple of years ago and has been amazed its simplicity and power. In its basic form, vision boarding involves browsing through magazines, cutting out pictures and words that grab your attention and amalgamating them on a piece of paper. By visualising the future through images and writing, we bring out the wishes, patterns and motivations that are guiding our, often, subconscious decision-making.

    Vision-boarding workshop, Global Entrepreneurship Week Guernse...

  • Yellow Chair Portraits, Amazing Women project

    Posted in January 2018 on Jan 31, 2018

    Yellow Chair Portraits: Amazing Women exhibition has launched in the Candie Museum of Guernsey, celebrating the role of leading women in the community and recognising their contribution.

    Our own co-founder and COO, Sasha Kazantseva-Miller has been featured in the series among other inspiring women including Dame Mary Perkins, Sarah Griffiths MBE,  Revd Linda Le Vasseur and Catherine Best.

    The exhibition is the brainchild of Olympia McEwan, a local portrait artist and teacher at the College of Further Education. She is passionate about projects with a wider purpose and the Yellow Chair Portrai...

  • Paradise Papers – the point of no return for the Queen’s dominions

    Posted in November 2017 on Nov 08, 2017

    As I wrote at the time about the Panama Papers, the revelations in the disclosures are seldom the important part of a story such as this in the longer term. When it comes to the Paradise Papers I believe that the key issue is that the British Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies have to reorient themselves to a new world in which it is politically unacceptable for the UK to be the dependable partner it once was.

    Much of the bluster coming out about the Paradise Papers centres on the notion that all business done in offshore centres is about evading tax somewhere else, and that thos...

  • Is DCF worth anything at all?

    Posted in August 2017 on Aug 18, 2017

    The good news, when investing in an unlisted company is that you should be furnished with significantly more information than a listed company can provide to investors. The bad news is that the justification of the valuation of the company for your investment is more often than not based on a Discounted Cash Flow analysis, or “DCF” provided by the company.

    The DCF is the cornerstone of most valuations of emerging growth companies and yet it is often nothing more than a little guesswork disguised by a huge amount of numbers across a vast spreadsheet. It is all too easy, therefore, to dismiss a ...

  • Risk and Reward in Emerging Growth Companies

    Posted in August 2017 on Aug 17, 2017

    Many people tell me that angel investment, or investing through a crowd-funding platform is more for a bit of fun than a serious investment exercise. They cite the very poor returns that they have experienced and, like the inveterate gambler in self-denial, almost always claim to be “broadly even”, which I translate to be “lost more than I care to admit to myself”.

    I have had my fair share of duff investments over the years but when I look back at those that have failed, and as my knowledge of investing in emerging growth companies has grown, I can see that a common theme running through much ...

  • Is Afaafa a regulated or non-regulated business?

    Posted in August 2017 on Aug 14, 2017

    Afaafa has recently received its registration from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) as a “Non-Regulated Financial Services Business”, which will allow us to work with a wider range of emerging growth companies in a broader fashion than we have done previously.

    It is an exciting milestone in the development of the business. Now that we have our registration from the GFSC, Afaafa can, and will, act in a purely advisory capacity to emerging growth businesses. Previously we have only dealt with companies in which we had a stake but for firms that did not need capital we were unabl...

  • Why an offshore bank?

    Posted in May 2017 on May 17, 2017

    My latest business, Select Finance Investments, has been looking to acquire a bank in the Isle of Man and, as has been reported in the press, was in active talks with Permanent TSB to buy Permanent Bank International (PBI), its IoM subsidiary, until the decision to close PBI was announced this week. Being a long-standing advocate for the AltFi sector, it may seem contradictory for me to be looking to take on a banking licence but banks are potentially important in filling the gaps within the alternative finance sector, as much as the AltFi sector can fill the gaps in banking products and servi...

  • Marc Krombach to join Afaafa

    Posted in August 2016 on Aug 12, 2016

    Afaafa, the Guernsey-based investment and advisory business specialising in alternative finance and technology companies, today is pleased to announce that Marc Krombach will be joining the company on 1st September.

    Geoff Miller, co-founder and CEO of Afaafa said “Marc has over 30 years’ experience within the finance sector, both within traditional banks and the alternative finance sector, and significantly increases the resources we have in-house in this area, which will be essential to achieve our goals for the future.”

    Marc Krombach commented “I am excited to be joining a team that shares m...

  • Why Board diversity is far more than a political correctness

    Posted in August 2016 on Aug 10, 2016

    A recent report in the Washington Post about why more diverse Boards make better M & A decision prompted me to put (virtual) pen to paper about the true nature of diversity, why it matters to companies, why we at Afaafa put a great deal of weight on the benefits of diversity and why it is a tough thing to achieve.

    Before heading into the complexities of diversity itself, why does the concept itself matter to a business? The conclusion of countless studies in the area is that a group composed of people who are fundamentally different will between them make better decisions in the longer term th...

  • Corporate Governance – why this sh*t matters

    Posted in August 2016 on Aug 04, 2016

    According to the OECD, in its publication “Principles of Corporate Governance”:

    “Corporate governance involves a set of relationships between a company’s management, its board, its shareholders and other stakeholders. Corporate governance also provides the structure through which the objectives of the company are set, and the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance are determined.”

    Whilst that might sound laudable, the mention of corporate governance for most organisations of any size causes much rolling of eyeballs and sharp intake of breath before arguing that, whilst ...

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